The Mission

It is our mission to join together concerned residents of Ringwood, New Jersey, and surrounding communities, to ensure the long-term preservation of our natural resources and the welfare of the community as a whole. 

The entire Borough of Ringwood sits in the Highlands Preservation area, which the State of New Jersey recognizes as containing exceptional natural resource value.  Ringwood is also host to the Wanaque Reservoir and sits atop the Highlands Aquifer, making the Borough a major source of drinking water for a large number of New Jersey residents.

When we choose to live in Ringwood, we choose to surround ourselves with natural beauty; more importantly, however, we choose to bear responsibility for the protection and care of the vast natural resources Ringwood contains.

Ringwood C.A.R.E.S. firmly believes that to ensure the sustainability of our environment and natural resources is to ensure the welfare of the community for generations to come.   

Our Mission Statement