To help fully remove the toxins from our neighborhood will require coming together as a community. Our biggest challenge is and will be education - helping ensure that we all understand the issues and the implications. Staying engaged and informed, while spreading the word is the best help we could ask for right now! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Donate to help fund outreach. Share our posts. And sign our petition. Every single step helps! 
The biggest impact you can make? Sign our petition to let the council know your wishes.
In order to accomplish our goals, we will need to raise money for community outreach. To date, we've used the donations we've received to send informational postcards to 2,400 Ringwood homes, join the Highland Coalition for support from more established environmental advocacy groups, start a website and social media campaigns, print informational flyers, business cards, table signs, and banners, and obtain general liability insurance to allow us to attend events like the farmers markets and hold meetings in public places. 

Your donations will allow us to continue working to get the word out and increase our base of supporters. Please help in any way you can!

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